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Best Graphic Design Course Online in India

Let me guess, you typed in best graphic design courses online on Google or Bing and are looking for options to enroll. While there are hundreds of graphic design courses on the internet these days, I am going to tell you with the course from Digital Education School is like no other course in the market right now

So without any further delays, here are the top 7 reasons why the Live Graphic Design Course from Digital Education School is one of the best online graphic designing courses in India

Experienced Graphic Designing Trainer

One of the main reasons why our course outshines the rest is because of the experience that we bring in the field of Graphic Design. The instructor has trained over 5000 students and more for various top design institutes across the country. Quality training is of the highest priority at Digital Education School, this is why we ensure we only appoint the best to teach our students.

Cheapest Graphic Design Course in India

That’s right, besides the quality of teaching, ours is the cheapest live graphic design course in India. You can search the internet right now, even long-term layers like MAAC, Arena Animation, Graphic Design Training Institute, etc cannot outmatch our pricing. While basic courses that teach all the three main software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign start at pricing of around Rs.25,000, we are charging only Rs.5,000 for all the three software.

But why? Why would we drop our prices so low? The answer is simple – We aim to make teach 1 lakh students in the field of Graphic Design by the end of 2024. And we know that not everyone can afford to pay such huge prices. That is why we have slashed our prices to make it affordable for nearly everyone.

Training in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

Yes, this is not a course where we hike our prices for each software – Nay. We teach all the three software in just one premium course. This is because, only when you master all the three software together, will you be able to make the best use of your graphic design skills.

Our Course is Live With Recorded Videos

There are tons of courses that are pre-recorded and probably cheaper, but there is no fun in watching pre-recorded videos, where you can’t clear all your doubts in real-time. Our course is live but we also give you access to the recorded videos, which ensures that you retain everything you learn.

Internship and Job Assistance via our Digital Jobs Group

Our industry connect ensures that you get access to the latest job in the field of graphic design. We don’t just leave our students hanging after the course is complete. As part of a Digital Education School Alumni, you get access to our job network on Facebook. Many of our students have even bagged freelance graphic design projects while being a part of the course as well. The opportunities are endless in this field.

Live Graphic Design Projects

Mastering graphic design is like learning how to drive, you won’t be able to do it well if you don’t practice. This is why every module of ours comes with live projects. With these projects, not only do you learn all that you need to know to become successful in the field, but you also build an active portfolio while you are in training. What will you learn to do by the end of the course live graphic design course?

  • Social Media Creatives
  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Magaizines
  • Print Collaterals
  • Marketing Materials
  • Calendars
  • Logos
  • Website Design Layouts
  • Envelopes & more

We help you download the Software

We noticed a lot of students struggle with installing the Adobe Software, that is why we have set up a personal technical support partner who will help you get access to all the software so you can focus on learning without any issues.


So to answer your question as to which is the best graphic design course in India?

Digital Education school is the perfect choice because of the following:

  • Experienced Graphic Design Training
  • Cheapest Live Course in India
  • Live Projects and Assignments
  • Adobe Software Download Assistance
  • Access to Recorded Videos
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Internship and Placement Assistance

If you are convinced, enroll in the graphic design course now. Adding the access button below

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