Digital Marketing Essentials Course

Learn about digital marketing in this one month course by marketing firestarter, Sean Andrade. Learn all about social media marketing, paid advertising, organic marketing strategies and more

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Sean Andrade Digital Marketing Essentials

What will you learn in this Course?

Digital Marketing is a vast dynamic field. There is social media marketing, paid advertising, SEO, branding, content marketing and so much more. It is important to know what each skills includes and how it is relevant to your business, brand or career. Sean will take you through the orientation process and set expectations of what you will learn by the end of this live online course

Learn how to create successful Facebook Marketing strategies that will help you and your clients achieve growth and success

You will learn the key strategies and techniques to grow your Instagram account for success. Beating the algorithms, reel creation, types of content, brand themes and much more

Paid, Social and Organic

Learn the different strategies that go behind paid advertising and organic traffic. Ultimately, both paid and organic marketing are essential for the success of any digital marketing campaign 

Learn how to optimise your social media channels that align with your brands messaging and tone. Every channel is different and in this module, you will learn how to make your social media work for you

Learn the different strategies that go behind Linkedin Marketing. Learn how to get high-quality leads and followers with organic strategies and the various tools need to gain immense growth on the platform. Linkedin is a powerful tool to get tons of money making opportunities and Sean will teach how to grow your account like a pro

Deep dive into the different digital marketing strategies and techniques that will help you achieve growth in practically any niche 

One day digital marketing essentials

Google Ads & YouTube Marketing

Learn how to create profitable search and display network campaigns with the power of Google Advertising. 

You will be trained to launch successful YouTube Paid Campaigns from basic to advance level

Understand the wide range of job opportunities in the market and how you can prepare to get the perfect role for yourself.

There will be a Questions & answer session at the end of the workshop

Who is this course for?

Just out of college and interested in marketing

Looking to discover the right marketing field to enter

People interested in knowing about the wider picture of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Essentials Course

Duration and Course Fee

12 hours of learning conducted every Saturday and Sunday for 3 hours – 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The tentative course commencement date is on the 16th of July 2022, Saturday

The course fee is Rs. 5,500/- only. You will also get access to our Digital Jobs Facebook Group and the 30 Days Marketing Growth Guide as part of the course

You will be provided an e-certificate on successful completion of the course.

Digital Marketing Crash Course

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Learn the Essentials of Digital Marketing

The essentials of digital marketing is a perfect course to help you with an overview of all that you can get from learning digital marketing and social media