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How to create a HUD Effect in 40 Seconds on Adobe Illustrator

Want to learn how to create a futuristic HUD effect using Adobe Illustrator in just 40 seconds? Now you can with this quick short tutorial.

These HUD style animations are easy to create and look really futuristic.

It says one minute but we timed it. It can be done in 40 seconds if you’re quick

Step 1: Create an Ellipse

Create an Ellipse using the Ellipse tool. You will find It on the left-hand side of illustrator

Step 2: Change the colors into a gradient

Change the colors of the Ellipse stroke to a gradient and adjust the colors of your choice in the gradient panel. We recommend using some futuristic color that pops, like blue or yellow

Step 3: Make the following changes in the Stroke Panel

make the following adjustments in the stroke panel

Go to the stroke panel of the Ellipse and make the following changes:

  • Weight 10 pt
  • Cap: Middle Option
  • Corners: Middle Option
  • Align Stroke: First Option
  • Dashed Line: Check with first selection Dash: 2.835 pt, gap: 28.24 pt and the rest keep it as 0 Refer to the screenshot to avoid confusion

Step 4: Select Distort Transform in the Effects Panel

Go to windows, then effect panel and make the changes, distort and transform, and then select transform. Make the adjustments as per the screenshot

Done, your beautiful HUD effect will be ready.

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