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How to remove an object from an image with content aware tool

There are times when we want to remove objects or people from an image and just get the entire glory of a beautiful background. What if I told you that you can easily remove any person, thing, or object from an image using photoshop with just a few clicks?

Amazing right, well today I am going to show you how to use the content-aware tool to achieve this easily

Steps to remove an object using the Content Aware Tool on Adobe Photoshop

There are just three steps that you need to achieve this, I am also adding a quick video for your reference, as always!

Step 1: Use the Lasso Tool

Use the Lasso tool Content Aware steps

Use the lasso tool to easily select the object you want to remove.

Step 2: Choose the Content Aware Tool

On the menu select the content aware tool

In the menu section, select edit and then choose content aware fill option

Step 3: Make the Adjustment in the Fill Panel

In the fill panel, contents needs to be selected as ‘Content Aware’. Change the mode to Normal and Opacity to 100 Percent. Add the YouTube video below so you can see how it works


To summarize, here is how to remove an object from content aware in Photoshop

  • Select the Lasso Tool and highlight the object
  • Choose the content aware fill option from the edit section
  • Make the adjustments in the fill panel section and click ‘ok’

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