What will you learn in Photoshop as part of the Graphic Design Course

At Digital Education School

Selection Tools & Layer Masking

Learn all about the various selection tools in Adobe Photoshop and how to use them

Converting Images into Partial B&W, Converting B&W image into Colour

Play with those images. Make it coloured, black and white and more. Sky is the limit

Photo Retouching & Restoration

Restore old pictures to make it good as new

Pen Tool

Pen tool can be used for a lot of graphical art. Of course the GIF above is just for fun

Shadow & Transparency

Shadows and Transparency can make your creatives stand out. There are several other uses as well 

GIF Making 

Who does not love GIFs. Heck you know we do. And the Photoshop course will train you on how to create them

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