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What will you learn in the Graphic Designing Course from Digital Education School

Graphic Design is critical for the success of any business. Human beings are visual creatures and great design can boost a brand’s marketing campaigns, streamline effective visual communication and even persuade customers to make a purchase or buying decisions.

This is why business owners are constantly on the lookout for good graphic designers who can take their business to new heights. In fact, the demand for graphic designers in India itself grew to a whopping INR 188.32 billion in 2020

Keeping this in mind, we at Digital Education School have created a Live Online Graphic Design Course that will train you in the skills that are essential to succeed in this high-paced world.

Whether you’re a student, employee, business owner, or just exploring this world of graphic design, this course will be of value to you because of its emphasis on practical learning.

Yes, there are tons of online courses on the internet right now, but we truly believe that real learning can only be achieved in an interactive environment, that is why all of our courses are conducted Live by experienced professionals.

So what will you Learn in the Live Online Graphic Design Course?

The course at Digital Education School is divided into 4 parts:

  • Theory to Graphic Design
  • Adobe Photoshop Training
  • Adobe Illustrator Training
  • Adobe InDesign Training.

Theory of Graphic Design will set you in the right mindset to understand this noble skill by teaching you the role of Graphic Designing in society (which is an important aspect to know) and the principles of design and color theory.

After that, you will be trained practically on each of the 3 software which is essential for every graphic designer

Adobe Photoshop Training

  • Introduction

In the introduction of Adobe Photoshop, you will learn all that you can do on Photoshop, the important functions, the fundamental concepts that will get you started with the software. Creative effects, blurring backgrounds, the designer elements of photoshop, creating graphics, for marketing collaterals and so much more.

  • Selection Tools & Layer Masking

Selection tools like the object selection tool help you select items on photoshop easily, however its uses are way more than just mere object selection. This course will cover all the features within the selection tools and how to use them effectively. Layer masks control the visibility of layers within Photoshop. You will learn the strategies to use layer masks like a pro

  • Converting Images into Partial B&W, Converting B&W image into Colour

You will learn how to turn your colored images into black and white and vice versa. This comes in handy when you want to highlight a specific part of an image or simply turning old black and white images into complete colored versions.

  • Photo Retouching & Restoration

Photo restorations are used to fix damaged photos, old photographs, whereas retouching techniques are used to smoothen and enhance the quality of portfolio pictures. Skin smoothing techniques make your pictures vivid, and professional.

  • Rig Removal

Rigs are wires that you see in stop-motion animation creatives. You will learn how to remove rigs from images with the help of Photoshop. In simple terms, you will learn how to remove any unwanted objects from a photo.  

  • Pen Tool

You will learn everything you need to know about the pen tool in Photoshop. From what a pen tool is to how you can use it. You will learn how to use complex shapes, paths, vectors, and custom designs using the pen tool.  

  • Shadow & Transparency

Shadow and transparency help you remove backgrounds from images, add shadows to products, and use them for multiple requirements within the graphic design industry. A very handy skill to know.

  • Colour Correction

The color correction section is designed to help you understand how colors work in images and gain the skills needed to correct, enhance or alter color in creative images. Color correction can help you transform a bland image into an image that stands out from the crowd. It can be used for various scenarios in Photoshop 

  • GIF Making (Basic)

Learn how to make creative GIFs using Adobe Photoshop. GIFs are used on websites, social media, and digital messaging apps. 

Adobe Illustrator Training

  • Introduction

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based programme used for drawing and illustration. The introduction session will teach you the uses of Adobe Illustrator, the difference between vector-based and raster-based artwork,  when to use illustrator, how to quickly navigate through the software, how to manipulate vector-based components, and so on. 

  • Shape Builder Tool

You will learn to use the shape builder tool to create complex shapes and artwork within adobe illustrator. With the shape builder tool, you can merge objects, add areas, subtract them, build logos, vectors, objects for artwork and designs. 

  • Pen Tool

With the Illustrator pen tool, you can create vector-based designs like professional-grade logos, typography, screenprints on t-shirts, vectors for marketing, and branding collaterals. Mastery of the pen tool is very important in order to become a good graphic designer.  

  • Perspective tool

The perspective tool comes in 3 types, one point, two-point, and three-point. The perspective tool is used to change the perspective of your vectors, for example, the perspective of your text. 

  • Mesh Tool

The Mesh tool is used to help you make your objects more realistic. It gives your objects more depth making them photorealistic

  • Image Tracing

With the image tracing tool, you will be able to trace and outline logos, images, etc with the image tracing tool on adobe illustrator. You can convert raster images (JPEG, PSD, PNG, etc) to vector-based artwork. Imagine, you have drawn an illustration on your sketchbook, with the help of the image tracing tool, you can convert your drawing to a vector-based artwork and get it vectorized. 

Adobe InDesign Training

  • Introduction

Adobe Indesign is a page layout designing software. The introduction session will teach you the uses of InDesign and how it can be used to design magazines, brochures, posters, flyers, e-books, and so on

  • Document Setup

In the document setup module, you will learn the essentials in setting up the software, best practices, tips to navigate and organize your project layers. 

  • Working with Text 

As the name suggests, you will learn how to format text, alignment, styles, etc on InDesign

  • Layouting

You will learn how to create layout designs that will effectively help you create magazines, brochures, eBooks, flyers, etc on Adobe InDesign. This module will teach you how to work with layouts and develop your own page layout designs.

  • Understanding Master Page

Master Page in Adobe InDesign is like a non-printable page that helps you create templates for the rest of your page layouts in InDesign. An object that you add to the master page will appear on all other pages in your Design Layout. 

  • Effects

You will learn how to add different special layer effects using the InDesign software. Apply colors and effects to your templates using InDesign and make your work stand out from the rest. 

Wrap Up

There is a lot to learn in the Graphic Design Certificate Course from Digital Education School. Our instructor has over 5 Years of experience in the Graphic Design field. If you want to become a good designer and learn all the three software in a Live Online Interactive course, then Digital Education School is the perfect place for you. Find out more about our course here: Graphic Design Live Only Certificate Course 

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